Info at Luding about the game ‘Shadowrun Almanach der sechsten Welt’ by Lars Blumenstein,John Dunn published by Pegasus Spiele in. Sixth World Almanac (Almanach der Sechsten Welt) Image Gallery. Sort: Recent, Hot. | Date: All Time, Today, Two Days, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last Contents[show] Detailed information Credits Errata Index Illustration index Summary Table of Contents Translations German: Almanach der Sechsten Welt.

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Our system is pretty simple: I also really like the feel of a book and pages between my fingers. Capital des Ombres retcons the autonomy status as mere political gesture with almost no practical effects but it doesn’t explain if and how law enforcement is affectedand Saeder-Krupp domination is also made a thing of the past.

The first 68 pages feature the description of the SOX area and is the same in both the French and German version. I see a lot about the German books here on the boards, but does anyone know anything about the French language books? Common misconception I used this for my first SR character, a scottish patriot. sechhsten

Ah so it was Sengir. I don’t know if they’re only sold in Germany, but we have official Shadowrun dice here with the Shadowrun logo on the 5 and 6. In fact, I was born in Bad Cannstatt, as was my father although both he and I are full-blooded Natural-Born Americansand I took a year of German in highschool so many years ago So, I looked for dice in either of those two colors. There are 12 standard sized 1,5 cm dices in a box.


They must be full-sized dice, if they come only nine to a box. The PC get to break into the prison with the help of French military units involved. Well, beyond and oldnd edition, I think–France sourcebook.

Sixth World Almanac (Almanach der Sechsten Welt) | Image Gallery | BoardGameGeek

I’ve bought all my english pdfs relatively early after releasse, because I don’t like having to wait, and of course that means, with a limited budget and a tablet, that I won’t buy any of the beautiful hardcovers anymore. Herethe “Acheter le PDF” button.

The original plan was to have the French and German campaigns connected, with each group triggering events that affect the other. A member of the aristocratic conspiracy put him there, along with several other people, as an “insurance” against his rivals.

Yep, That’s about how mine look. The intel the PC retrieved gets all the way up to the president. It is suggested the Mist is a cocoon for something nasty read: All the French authors working on Shadows of Europe knew and read the book.

Quelle, en: Sixth World Almanac – Die Shadowhelix – Das deutsche Shadowrun Wiki

Pegasus almsnach known for quality work and I’m glad to see that they continue with it in Shadowrun. However, megacorporations decide economic sanctions against France for attacking Ares and Ruhrmetall assets, forcing the government to axe most of France extraterritoriality regulations. The country is divided into duchies, with one or several dukes gets to rule. Some of the translated titles include French exclusive additions.


To answer ravensmuse request, I made a short review of Shadowrun French-only releases quite faster to do than for German products. Works almanch with really large groups because it helps cut down on the amount of combat math!

Shadowrun Almanach der sechsten Welt

So jetzt mach ich einfach mal eine Liste: As far as I understood, the project took a lot more time than planned, with some part being heavily reworked several times hence some bizarreness like a Royal Army without having an actual king or queen. In the first adventure, the PC investigates the death of an old ork in Marseille.

That left 25 dice to modify Foreign megacorporations just beg to work with them. Help – Search – Members – Calendar. Not sure wether or not it was translated, i can’t even remember who did it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: February, French version of Runner Havens.